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Detroit has the country's largest concentration of Arabs (mostly Lebanese, Iraqis, Palestinians, and Yemenis), a legacy of the days when Henry Ford employed Lebanese laborers.

Unlike the Muslim immigrants in Europe who live in ghetto-like areas, Muslim immigrants to the United States are highly dispersed.

Accepting that this number is necessarily rough, it does point to somewhat over two million Muslim immigrants, or slightly less than one percent of the U. Symbolic of this diversity, Los Angeles alone boasts such exotic food fare as the Chinese Islamic Restaurant and the Thai Islamic Restaurant.

The largest numbers of immigrants derive from three main sources: South Asia, Iran, and the Arabic-speaking countries.

There are many other reasons having to do with the specifics of Muslim immigration; for example, thousands of former soldiers of the Iraqi army who defected were settled in the United States.

In contrast, efforts at Muslim-only towns (such as Baladullah, a Muslim enclave in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California) consist mainly of African-American converts to Islam.Austin, putting their number at 40,000 The slave-owners sometimes appreciated and rewarded their literate Muslim slaves but they despised the religion of Islam and did what they could to prevent it from passing from one generation to the next.As a result, except in vestigial forms (one group of Trinidadian Baptists engage in practices to the present that recall Islamic ritual), the religion disappeared by the 1860s, or two generations after the import of slaves ceased.Tragic events in predominantly Muslim countries often lead directly to the emergence of a Muslim ethnic community in the United States; Afghanistan and Iraq offer particularly stark examples. Among medical students, more than 75 percent — and perhaps as many as 90 percent — end up staying in the United States.The fact that Muslim countries are disproportionately dominated by dictators means that tyranny, persecution, poverty, violent regime changes, civil strife, and wars have driven some of the most talented and wealthy from Muslim countries in the Middle East, South Asia, and beyond. Female students are also particularly inclined to stay; they appreciate the independence, self-sufficiency, and opportunities for assertiveness the United States offers them and know that to return means having to conform to restrictive ways, demure behavior, and family dictates. Although the numbers in this category are smaller than refugees or students (and indeed, some Islamists also fit in those two capacities), Islamists have particular importance, for they harbor religious and political ambitions that are in a potential collision course with the majority population.

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